Dr. James Lovering is experienced and successful in treating every aspect of his patient’s smiles.
He takes great pride in each patients treatment, which is why we begin with an initial exam to ensure our team understands your needs.



Establishing an ongoing relationship with a trusted dentist is key to maintaining excellent dental health. Bi-annual teeth cleanings and oral exams are an invaluable investment in your well-being and is provided through comprehensive dentistry. 



Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders otherwise known as TMJ, are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and muscles that control jaw movement. We work closely with our patients to help with treatment to make sure there is not a serious problem. The condition appears to be be more common in women than men. It’s not known for certain how many people have TMJ disorders but estimates suggest that over 10 million North Americans are affected.

TMJ can also be referred as TMD, TMJ disorders or TMJ dysfunction.



We know snoring can be a nuisance and that’s why we take pride in providing our patients with quality snore guards. We fit anti-snoring oral mouthpieces to do a couple of critical things: stabilize your jaw, advance the jaw slightly to naturally open the airway and depress the tongue so it doesn’t fall to the back of the throat and block breathing.



Our restorative dentistry treatments give your smile a natural appearance, along with renewed health and comfort. These can include (but are not limited to) dental crowns, bridges, dentures, or dental implants for superior, long-lasting support.

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Our cosmetic treatments include: porcelain veneers, in-office whitening, take-home whitening kits, gum reshaping, and full mouth restorations.

Payment & Insurance

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We also offer dental payment plans, and accept major credit cards.